Student Travel Grants

As part of our continuing support for outreach and education, the WGL-ASPRS Region Board established a program to provide financial support for students actively engaged in the ASPRS organization. 

Up to three awards of $500.00 each will be made to support travel for undergraduate or graduate students who plan on participating in an eligible conference in 2017.

Selection for reimbursement will be competitive, and will require at a minimum, student membership in ASPRS and confirmed participation as a volunteer or presenter at the ASPRS National Conference or another eligible conference in 2017.

Eligibility: Any student attending a private or public university within the WGL Region; ASPRS student member in good standing.

Please send your application materials to WGL Secretary  Adam Smith by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday October 31, 2017.

Selection Criteria:

  • Preference given to ASPRS-sponsored events, but any conference focused on photogrammetry and remote sensing will be considered.
  • Student must present either at the conference or a later ASPRS event.
  • Selections will NOT be based on financial need.
  • When the number of applications exceeds the available funds, the selection committee will competitively award using the following guidelines:
    • Priority given to presentations related to photogrammetry or remote sensing topics.
    • Other closely-related topics.
    • Amount of other participation in the conference.

Please note, we do NOT have an application form to fill out.  To apply, please provide the following:

Two Options

1. Individual Scholarship

A letter stating what event you wish to attend and how it is related to your field of study.  The letter should include:

  • The event name and dates.
  • Are you volunteering in any other capacity at the event?
  • If you plan to present at the event or a later ASPRS event.
  • Are you currently a ASPRS student member? Are you a member of an ASPRS student chapter?

2. Group Scholarship

Group scholarship requirements are the same requirements as the individual scholarships. The group will send one report, combining the answers to the questions above for each                                individual.