**Last Call** ASPRS Western Great Lakes Region Call for Nominations

The Western Great Lakes Region of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Board needs you! A couple Board positions are open and available to the membership. For those interested, please forward a letter of interest, along with a brief bio to the nominations committee co-chairs peter.jenkins@state.mn.us or mstrain@quantumspatial.com on or before Wednesday, February 8, 2017State the position for which you are applying. It is acceptable to apply for multiple positions.

You must be a current WGL-ASPRS member to be considered. Past and current office holders are eligible and encouraged to continue, and those that have not held a board position are also strongly encouraged to apply.

Open Positions: 

President Elect – (2017-18, 2 yr. term)

Secretary – (2017-18, 2 yr. term)

Treasurer – (2017-18, 2 yr. term)

Positions not up for election this year include:
National Director –   (Brandon Krumwiede, 2016-18, 3 yr. term)
Past President  – (Peter Jenkins, 2017-18, 2 yr. term)
President –   (Kirk Contrucci, 2017-18, 2 yr. term)
State Director –   Michigan UP (Eugene Levin, 2016-18, 3 yr. term)
State Director –   Indiana (Brian Foster, 2016-18, 3 yr. term)
State Director  –  Wisconsin (Cindy McCallum, 2015-17, 3 yr. term)
State Director  –  Illinois (Arron Lee, 2016-18, 3 yr. term)
State Director – Minnesota (John Anderson, 2016-18, 3 yr. term)

If you have questions about any of these positions, please contact:

Miles Strain 

WGL-ASPRS Past President


Peter Jenkins
WGL-ASPRS President